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Dagenham Lodge meets on the 4th Saturday in February (Installation), 1st Saturday in May, 3rd Saturday, September and December


Both before and after the First World War there flourished in Dagenham Village a cricket club known as the Dagenham United C.C. The members of it were, in the main, local residents with a generous contribution from the members of the Gunary family.  

In the early Twenties, when the club was once again fully active, it was realised that a goodly proportion of those playing members, as well as those who supported the club, were members of the Craft, belonging to various scattered Lodges. Some belonged to the Lodge of Old Friendship No 3907; some to the Seven Kings Lodge No 2749, while others were members of various London Lodges.  

There grew the desire to found a new local Lodge, which could bring all together, without detriment to the Mother Lodges concerned. So, with the guidance of some experienced Masons, the necessary steps were taken, and a petition for a new Lodge was signed in open Lodge on 19th May 1924 by the Master and Wardens of the Lodge of Old Fellowship No 3907.   
Meeting Places  

The Consecration Meeting was held in the Grecian Temple, Abercorn Rooms, Bishopsgate Street, London E.C. by Special Dispensation. The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Essex, Colonel The Right Honorable Lord Lambourne P.C, C.V.O., L.L. taking the Chair for the ceremony. The Consecrating Officers were all elected Honorary members of the newly formed Lodge. 

Regular flooding in the Dagenham area prompted Parliament in 1714 to pass an Act providing for the stopping of the breach of the river walls. A Captain John Perry was appointed to take charge, and in 1716 built, for his own use, the house that became known as “Breach House”. Later the house became the rendezvous for wealthy City merchants and also with ministerial white-bait dinners. It was subsequently demolished in 1812, and the “Breach” is now Dagenham Dock. The Dock was closely connected with several of the Founders, and has also had connections with other incoming members.  
This is the dwelling illustrated on the Lodge crest. 

The Lodge has always taken its duties in this respect most seriously, having supported all the Masonic Charities in turn. Today the Lodge is very proud to hold the following honours:  

Hall Stone Lodge Double Patron Lodge, Royal Masonic Hospital Patron Lodge, Royal Masonic Institution for Girls Vice-Patron Lodge, Royal Masonic Institution for Boys Patron Lodge, Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Vice-Patron Lodge, Royal Masonic Hospital (R & D Fund) Grand Patron Lodge, Essex Provincial Charity Fund Gold Award, Essex Festival 2000. Grand Patron of Essex Cathedral Fund 2004  Regular Meeting are held on the 4th Saturday in February (Installation) 1st Saturday in May and the 3rd Saturday in September and December.