Lodge of St. Peter 1024


Maldon Masonic Hall ,

3 Cromwell Hill,


We meet: 4th Wednesday of 9 months -  September to May except December which is 3rd Wednesday. Our October meeting is our Installation meeting. Meetings start at 6pm. 

The Lodge of St Peter ​is a ​happy and flourishing lodge with about fifty members. We follow the Emulation Ritual, with our own little “enhancements” that have developed over the life of the Lodge.


The Lodge of St Peter, number 1024, was consecrated on 17th July 1864.  The petition to form the Lodge was sponsored by the Lodge of Good Fellowship number 276 in Chelmsford. 

The first regular meeting place of the Lodge was in a room beneath Dr. Plume’s library in St Peters church, at the top of Market Hill in Maldon. There is a painting in the Lodge showing this first meeting room and much of the original furniture, which is still in use today.

The meetings continued in St Peters church until 1899 when it became too dilapidated to use. The Lodge then held meetings in the Moot Hall until, in 1901, the Lodge took over some premises in Maldon High Street.  The first meeting of the Lodge of St Peter in the current Maldon Masonic Hall took place in September 1925.

Until 1957 the day of the Lodge meetings was chosen to be close to the full moon so the brethren would have the benefit of moonlight to find their way home afterwards.

The lodge celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2014 in the presence of W.Bro Rodney Bass, who was APGM with responsibility for the Lodge at the time.