Sigebert Lodge 7572


Upminster Masonic Hall,

Deyncourt Gardens,


Centre Website:

RM14 1DF

Sigebert Lodge was consecrated on January 30th 1958 at the Masonic Memorial Hall, Woodgrange Drive, Southend on Sea, Essex.

The Lodge meets 5 times each year on the 3rd Monday in January (Installation); March; May; September and the 2nd Monday in November.


The Lodge name originates from King Sigeberht the Saint (Sigeberht Sanctus), the second Christian King of the East Saxons reigning between 650 ~ 660 AD, and who re-established Christianity in Essex from 653 AD.

The first East Saxon ruler to be baptised was King Saeberht (Sigeberht’s grandfather) who died in 616 and whom archaeologists believe was buried in the recently excavated site at Prittlewell, Essex.

King Sigeberht was baptised in AD 653 by Bishop Finan, (Prelate of Northumbria) “at the wall” (probably Wallbottle), 5 miles west of Newcastle on Tyne.

Before his return to Essex, King Sigeberht requested teachers to assist him in converting his East Saxon nation to Christianity. He was sent priest Cedd (later St. Cedd) as his ecclesiastical preceptor who was at that time evangelising in the country of the Middle Angles, a dependent sub-tribe of East Anglia.

Cedd was so successful in his efforts in spreading the Gospel throughout the region that he was ordained Bishop of the East Saxons and returned to Essex around 654 AD, and with the support of King Sigeberht, commissioned churches to be built to teach Christianity and extend the conversion of the local inhabitants.

There were also monasteries established at the principle centres of worship at Ithancaster (St. Peters on the Wall, Bradwell) and Tilaburgh (Tilbury).

2 pagan assassins murdered King Sigeberht in 660 AD, because they deplored his religious beliefs, hence the Lodge motto “Understanding & Tolerance”. St. Cedd died of plague 4 years later in October 664 AD.

To learn more about the Lodge contact the Secretary – W.Bro. Eric Broadbent by e-mail