Spero Lodge 6825


Chingford Masonic Hall,

Station Road,

E4 7AZ

Spero Lodge No. 6825 was formed in 1949 by members of Warner Lodge No. 2256, to help them cope with the large number of members from the Chingford area who were joining their lodge following WW2. Spero Lodge then went on to become a strong lodge in its own right.

Sir Thomas Courtenay Theydon Warner had been a Founder of Warner Lodge and his son, Sir Edward Courtenay Warner, another member, gave his approval for the family motto ‘Spero’ and the family crest to be used by the new Lodge. Literally translated from Latin, ‘Spero’ means ‘I Hope’ but Sir Edward Warner preferred the interpretation “I look forward.”

Every Candidate for admission into a lodge (including Royal Princes and members of the Nobility) is taken through the same Ceremony of Initiation and there are a few ceremonies which follow their Initiation as they progress within the lodge. Spero Lodge has a proud tradition of delivering those ceremonies in a way that gives the Candidate the best experience and understanding of the organisation they have joined and the precepts it teaches.

These days Spero Lodge has members who live in Chingford, Ilford, Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster and Basildon (and all points in between) as well as Kent, East Sussex and Buckinghamshire and we come from a variety of backgrounds and from all ages.

Freemasonry is not a religion but belief in a ‘supreme being’ is a pre-requisite of membership. The lodge provides an environment in which the members can quickly make new like-minded friends, learn new skills and gain confidence while they enjoy the friendship they will find in a lodge where the members and their wives & partners like to enjoy themselves socially.

We still have a close relationship with Warner Lodge and the golfers amongst us usually beat them in a friendly annual inter-lodge golf competition.

Spero Lodge meets formally as a lodge at Chingford Masonic Centre on:


  • 2nd Wednesday in March
  • 3rd Wednesday in April
  • 2nd Wednesday in June
  • 2nd Wednesday in November

The meetings start late in the afternoon and are followed by a meal which finishes at about 9.30pm.

We meet less formally as a ‘Lodge of Instruction’ every Monday evening (except during the summer months and over Christmas and the New Year) at the Liberal Club in Balfour Road, Ilford. The ‘Lodge of Instruction’ is the heart of the lodge and is where our new members meet & make new friends, practice the ceremonies and learn what it is that Freemasonry in general and Spero Lodge in particular has to offer them.

We look forward to meeting YOU if you are, or may be, interested in joining US.